CNB vs PNG – Match Cancelled

Riot Cancel

The match between CNB e-Sports and paiN Gaming was cancelled and will be played another day.

In the middle of the first game, after a lot of pauses, the organization decided to cancel the match because of problems in the network. The players said that they game was stucking a lot. Riot Games is already working to resolve the issues.

The ping didn’t go up, the FPS didn’t drop, but the game had some hiccups and some skills were invisible. Some time a champion appeared from nowhere. In the end, it was impossible, the game was stucking too much“, said Thulio “sirT” Carlos, jungler of paiN Gaming, “Riot made the right decision (about cancelling the game)“.

Gabriel “Revolta” Henud, jungler of CNB e-Sports also talked about the game that they were winning: “We were superior and we were able to impose our game. We showed our strategy and now we’ll need to use another one that we didn’t want. It’s frustating that because we had advantage in kill, farm, towers and gold, but this things happens. We have to learn to deal with it“.

The match between KaBuM e-Sports and Team United was also delayed because of this.

Font: myCNB.


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