CBLoL 2014 Finals – Schedule and Standings

Toboco e Tixinha

Toboco and Tixinha

And we’re getting close to the finals of the Circuito Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLoL). This weekend (June 7th and 8th) we’ll see Keyd Stars, CNB e-Sports, paiN Gaming and KaBuM! e-Sports fighting for the 1st place. Which team do you think will win?

Continue reading to see the schedule.


07/06 – 10:30h GMT -3

KSTKStars_logo 2 vs 0 KaBuM_logoKBM
CNBCNB_logo 0 vs 2 Pain_logoPNG

07/06 – 9:40h GMT -3

3rd Place

CNBCNB_logo 2 vs 1 KaBuM_logoKBM

Final (Bo5)

KSTKStars_logo 3 vs 2 Pain_logoPNG

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