Brazilian Regional Finals – Schedule and Results

Here you can find the results of all the matches of the Brazilian Regional (July 19th and 20th).

Stream on Twitch (PT-BR).

Stream on YouTube (PT-BR).


paiN Gaming (PNG): Lactea, SirT, Kami, owN and Olleh.

INTZ Team (ITZ)*: Yang, Djokovic, Tockers, mica0 and Jockster.

CNB eSports (CNB): Leko, Revolta, takeshi, manajj and Alocs.

LegendsBR (LBR)*: KaoV, Tecnosh, Yoda, DreamsDy and Anjinho.

Keyd Stars (KST): Mylon, Winged, SuNo, brTT and Loop.

Ban Karma (BKG)*: bet0, Xnove, Fifo, RMN and Floky.

KaBuM eSprots (KBM): LEP, Danagorn, TiN0wns, Minerva and dans.

Team AWP (AWP): element, Draek, yeTz, Digolera and Gigante.

*: INTZ Team acquired Team Out of Position, Legends BR was Kaov Carregador and Ban Karma was Sexy Sem Ser Vulgar in the qualifiers.

Schedule (GMT -3)

July 19th

11h Match A PNGPain_logo 2 vs 0 INTZ_logoITZ
14h Match B CNBCNB_logo 2 vs 0 legendsbr_logoLBR
17h Match C KSTKStars_logo 2 vs 0 bankarma_logoBKG

July 20th

11h Match D KBMKaBuM_logo 2 vs 1 AWP_logoAWP
14h Semi 1 PNGPain_logo 1 vs 2 CNB_logoCNB
17h Semi 2 KSTKStars_logo 0 vs 2 KaBuM_logoKBM

July 26th

Final CNBCNB_logo 1 vs 3 KaBuM_logoKBM

Congratulations to KaBuM! e-Sports!


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