Announced new roster for CNB

CNB Thinking about CBLoL 2015, CNB e-Sports Club announced their new roster yesterday (August 6th). The new members come to fill the space left by Leko, Revoltan and takeshi. The reinforcements are Arlindo “element” Neto (top), Diogo “Shini” Rogê (jungle) and Lucas “Electro” Dal Prá (mid). “As we’re not viewing a result in a short time, we searched for the possibility of a good teamwork and a malleable play style, things that are hard to improve, but they are very effective when done well“, said Leonardo “Alocs” Belo, support of the team. Alocs also said that they aren’t thinking about the tournaments that are happening this year, they want to get ready for the next season of the Brazilian Regional.

About the playes

element was the top laner for Team AWP in the CBLoL. He have 18 years old and started playing League of Legends November of 2011. “My expectation with the team is to start low and the grow up fast“, he said.

Electro, that used Electrocret as nickname, he have 19 years old and started playing LoL in 2011 too and started playing competitively in 2013, when he played for voiD and CG Shield. He commented that what more attracted him was the strength of the lineup and that gives him the chance to make his dream into reality. Between October of 2013 and January of 2014, he won six Go4LoL, playing for team voiD.

Shini have 17 years old and was a sub for Keyd Stars and decided to accept the invite from CNB, where he’ll get the chance to play, this time as a jungler, role that he played for semXorah. He said: “I know that it’s gonna be tough in the beginning, since CNB is going through a lot of reformulations, but I believe in the capacity from my teammates. In time, we have everything necessary to fight for the first place, that is our objective“. He won’t be moving to the Gaming House because he’s finishing high school.

The first match with this new roster gonna be at Brazil Gaming League (BGL) today.

ID Name Role
BR flag Element Arlindo Neto Top
BR flag Shini Diogo Rogê Jungle
BR flag Electro Lucas Dal Prá Mid
BR flag manajj André Rocha  AD
BR flag Alocs Leonardo Belo Support
ID Name Role
BR flag Kalec Rodrigo Rodrigues Coach

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