CNB announces their new roster


Aoshi, Nappon, Electro, Kalec e Wos

Just after Alocs announcing he was leaving CNB, the team presented their new roster.

The team is focusing on investing on new players in the national scene. “To build a new lineup, we wanted to reveal five new Brazilian talents, who haven’t had the opportunity, but had the dream, the determination and the competence to be in the competitive scene. We’ll offer all of our structure and experience to build and extract the max potential of each one of them. I’m sure that we took the best decision“, said Carlos “fury” Júnor, Director of CNB.

The new names are Carlos “Nappon” Rücker, Franklin “Aoshi” Gomes and Willyan “Wos” Bonpam. Jungler, top and support respectively.

I think the main challenge is the pressure of being representing a team so known and big as CNB hyperX“, commented Aoshi. Wos also had something to say about his new career: “In the beginning I played only for fun, until I started playing against big players and I started to receive proposals from small teams, since then I always cogitated to enter in the professional scene“.

The “new” mid laner and ADC are well known in our scene: Lucas “Electro” Dal Prá and Rodrigo “Kalec” Rodrigues, who was previously the coach for the team.

The new roster will debut in the Brazilian qualifiers for the Intel Extreme Masters San Jose, that, not only will give a spot for the tournament at USA, but also will define the eight best teams that will dispute the Brazilian Championship 2015.

ID Name Role
BR flag Aoshi Franklin Gomes Top
BR flag Nappon Carlos Rücker Jungle
BR flag Electro Lucas Dal Prá Mid
BR flag Kalec Rodrigo Rodrigues AD
BR flag Wos Willyan Bonpam Sup

Source: MyCNB


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