Digolera is the new ADC for KaBuM


Rodrigo “Digolera” Haddad is the new ADC for KaBuM! e-Sports, since Minerva left the team two weeks ago.

Digolera played for KaBuM in 2013, and was playing for KaBuM’s second team, KaBuM! Black. He said that “as incredible as it seems, for me it’s like if I’ve never had left to play with them. I think we won’t have problems with adaptations because of this“. He also completed “It’s great to absolve everything that the team learned playing at Worlds and try to put in practice for the next championships“.

The first official game of this team will be next Wednesday (12), at 18h (countdown hope it’s right), against DeX for the GameWise Cup.

Source: KaBuM e-Sports’ fan page.