brTT will be playing as a jungler for Keyd


Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves, ADC for Vivo Keyd Stars, will be playing as a jungler, at least during these last two weeks before their vacation. His substitute as a ADC will be Rafael “rafes” Peres, jungler of the team.

brTT said that, since when he was playing for paiN, he had the doubt about how well he could perform in other role. Keyd decided to give him a vote of confidence and allowed him to play as the jungler.

I respect a lot Sirt (jungler of paiN) and Revolta (ex-jungler of Keyd), for me, they’re the best junglers of Brazil and it’ll be fun start playing from 0 and try to reach as close to their level.“, he said on his fan page. “I’m 100% satisfied and confident as ADC, I want to make clear that this decision is just to clarify the doubt I have from long time ago and to feel peace with myself.”.


Revolta left Keyd


Three months after moving from CNB and one month after been replaced by Rafes, Revolta left Keyd Stars.

He posted on his fan page:

Hello friends, I’d like to announce that from now on I’m not anymore part of Keyd, I’d like to highlight too that there wasn’t any fight, with the administration or with the players. We did a meeting today and came to an agreement about me leaving the team. Thanks to Keyd, the administration and the players, for all this time that we worked and lived together, it was a great experience!!

I’m sorry I stayed so long without manifest myself, but the things were being resolved during this period.

His future is unknown.

Rafes is back to Keyd

RafesAnd more changes are coming to our scene. The player Rafael “rafes” Peres, that was playing for JAYOB e-Sports, is back to Vivo Fibra kStars.

rafes will be playing as a jungler, staying in the place of Gabriel “Revolta” Henud, who leaved the team because of a decision from the technical committee, so he can focus on resolving some personal problems. rafes already played for kStars as a jungler and ADC playing with the team at IEM 2013 and Age Campinas and won the Brazilian Championship 2012 playing for vTi.

This new team have ten days to practice for the qualifiers that will choose the teams for the next season and a spot at IEM San Jose.

ID Name Role
BR flag Mylon Matheus Borges Top
BR flag rafes Rafael Peres Jungle
BR flag takeshi Murilo Alves Mid
BR flag brTT Felipe Gonçalves AD
BR flag Loop Caio Almeida Sup

Source: Keyd Team fan page.

CBLoL – Keyd Punished


Matheys “Mylon” Borges

The team Keyd Stars was punished yesterday (Jun 8th) because of a bad gesture made by their top laner Matheus “Mylon” Borges.

During their second game in the finals against paiN Gaming, Mylon won a 1v1 against Lactea, top laner of PNG, and screamed and gave the middle finger right in the camera, as you can see here. The case even got to the front page of /r/leagueoflegends.

Riot Games decided to punish him and his team because of his action. Keyd Stars will lose one ban in their next two matches in an official tournament made by Riot. This means that they’ll only be able to ban two champions in their quarter-final games at the Brazilian Regional and in their next game, in the Regional or not. See the official statement made by Riot Bagaço, Player Engagement Senior Manager, at Reddit:

During the Brazilian League finals, the player Mylon had attitudes that went against the tournament regulation: he performed an obscene gesture to the camera and, in a second moment, said offensive terms.

Based on tournament rules, our regulatory council decided: 1 – Perform verbal warning (as 10.5.1 item); 2 – Loss of one ban per match, in their next two series in official Riot competitions (as 10.5.3).

That means that Keyd will have one less ban in each of their matches during the Bo3 quarter-finals for the Brazilian Regionals (July 18, 19 and 20, 2014). The same will apply for the team’s next series, be it during Regionals Bo3 semifinals (if they qualify) or Riot’s next official tournament.

We don’t accept improper behavior in the competitive scene or in any other instance where League of Legends is played. This kind of attitude will always be thouroughly reviewed and punished accordingly.

In case of repetition of the same behavior in the competitive scene, more severe actions will be taken.

Mylon asked for apologize and said that “acts like that can only prejudice the game environment“. See what he said on his fan page at Facebook:

Today during one of the final games of the Série dos Campeões, in a certain moment of the game, I did a gesture that is at least despicable and I’m really sorry for having done that. “Solo killing your enemy” and shouting trashy things are behaviors that I’ve always condemned and seeing myself behaving like that for pure emotion absolutely disappointed myself.

I apologize to my coworkers, especially Lactea, and to the League of Legends community as a whole. Acts like that can only prejudice the game environment, giving an example of a player that no one wants to deal with in their games.

Thanks a lot for all of those who support me, I promise I won’t repeat such disrespectful behavior, and once more I apologize.

Props to him for acknowledging his mistakes.

The Regional Playoffs will start next month, July 18th, 19th and 20th, in São Paulo with the Finals happening July 26th in Rio de Janeiro.