Ex-Team United reforms as Out of Position

Team United

Team United, last position, of CBLoL, decided to say goodbye to them League of Legends team. The managers of the organization didn’t like the results of their campaign at the Circuito Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLoL).

Team United played really well in the first days, where they tied against KaBuM! e-Sports and got a win over paiN Gaming, but then they weren’t able to keep their good performance on the online matches.

Thiago “Djokovic” Maia, coach of the team, said that they got good results on the first games because they did a bootcamp with excellent results, but the organization wasn’t able to provide them a gaming house. The organization also had problems to get a sponsor.

Guilher Stolf, one of the directors of Team United, said that they could only provide a gaming house in august, even because two players wouldn’t be able to move to the house because of their studies. He said that “unfortunately we didn’t attended their expectations and vice versa. They boys deserve much success and we hope they can reach it as soon as possible“.

The team still together and they reformed as Out of Position (OP) while they don’t get hired from another organization. The team played, and qualified, this weekend in the Regional Finals.

ID Name Role
BR flag w0lv Michel Bruno Top
BR flag Jockster Luan Cardoso Jungle
BR flag Fire Guilherme Bruno Mid
BR flag mica0 Micael Rodrigues AD
BR flag Eryon Márcio REis Support
ID Name Position
BR flag Djokovic Thiago Maia Coach

Source: myCNB.