CNB, paiN and Keyd Change Their Rosters

Today was a busy day for the Brazilian scene. Some of the teams that were at the Brazilian Regional decided to utilize the time without big tournaments and change their roster.

CNB e-Sports Club


Kalec, Leko, manajj, takeshi, Revolta and Alocs

CNB decided to release Whesley “Leko” Holler, Gabriel “Revolta” Henud and Murilo “Takeshi” Alves.

During this year and half, me, Alocs, Leko and mana, mainly, we went through for a lot of stuff together, between defeats and victories. Always in defeat, we had strength to rebuild ourselves. But, this time, I don’t feel this is I what I want. I want to god to different places and learn with this new experience. I’m thankful to Cleber and Júnior (directors of CNB) for their trust that they put in me. I wanna make clear that this time that I spent with these guys was one of the best times of my life. I cheer for Leko, manajj, Alocs and Kalec. I hope everything goes well from now on“, said Takeshi.

Revolta also commented about he leaving: “I received a proposal to join another team and, with the problems that the team had, I decided to listen myself deeply and think about joining another team with Takeshi. I wanna say thanks to CNB for this opportunity of playing along with extraordinary people and for accepting me so well, as well as for the fans, that received me super well“.

For last, Leko also said about he quitting the team: “I’m leaving searching for new opportunities. I wanna challenge myself. I trailed a history of overcoming with CNB. I’m proud of everything I did, and this wasn’t alone. I had help from my teammates and organization. I feel pride to talk about each one. But the time has come that I wish to do some changes. I just wanna say thanks to everyone. I’ll write something more in a more opportunely hour.”

Takeshi and Leko were in the team since April from 2013, when the team got roster from Nex Impetus. Revolta was in the team since February from this year. With this team, CNB won the Desafio Internacional de São Paulo in October from last year, three editions of Torneio dos Legends, besides the second place in BLG Arena #1 and #2, Selecter Cup and CBLoL 2013 and 2014.

ID Name Role
BR flag manajj André Rocha AD
BR flag Alocs Leonardo Belo Support
ID Name Role
BR flag Kalec Rodrigo Rodrigues Coach

Keyd Stars


Loop, Revolta, takeshi, brTT and Mylon.

Keyd decided to release Park “Winged” Tae-jin and An “SuNo” Sun-ho, both Koreans in their team. To replace them, the team hired Takeshi and Revolta.

The organization said that them and SuNo and Winged decided to rescind their contracts, for different reasons coming from both sides. Takeshi and Revolta, that leaved CNB, are already in the Gaming House and you can see them getting there in this video.

ID Name Role
BR flag Mylon Matheus Borges Top
BR flag Revolta Gabriel Henud Jungle
BR flag takeshi Murilo Alves Mid
BR flag brTT Felipe Gonçalves AD
BR flag Loop Caio Almeida Sup
BR flag Shini Diogo Rogê Sub
ID Name Role
BR flag Philip Renan Philip Coach

paiN Gaming


owN: “thank you”. Leko: “welcome”

Following all the roster changes, paiN Gaming decided to pick up Leko and release Marcelo “owN” Shiwa.

The team was feeling that the communication in the bot lane, formed by owN and Kim “Olleh” Joo-sung, wasn’t good enough, since one is from Brazil and the other is from South Korea.  The solution to this was to release their AD, move Lactea from top to AD, his old role, and hire Leko to be the new top laner.

Lactea and Olleh, together with Shadow and ReSEt, from Team 58ers, are the only Koreans remaining in the BR competitive scene.

ID Name Role
BR flag Leko Whesley Holler Top
BR flag SirT Thulio Carlos Jungle
BR flag Kami Gabriel Santos Mid
KR flag Lactea Han Gi-hyeon AD
KR flag Olleh Kim Joo-sung Sup

Now we’re waiting for the new roster for CNB and to see if there’s any new change in the Brazilian scene.

Source: CNB, Keyd, paiN (Leko, owN).


CBLoL 2014 Finals – Schedule and Standings

Toboco e Tixinha

Toboco and Tixinha

And we’re getting close to the finals of the Circuito Brasileiro de League of Legends (CBLoL). This weekend (June 7th and 8th) we’ll see Keyd Stars, CNB e-Sports, paiN Gaming and KaBuM! e-Sports fighting for the 1st place. Which team do you think will win?

Continue reading to see the schedule.

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CNB vs PNG – Match Cancelled

Riot Cancel

The match between CNB e-Sports and paiN Gaming was cancelled and will be played another day.

In the middle of the first game, after a lot of pauses, the organization decided to cancel the match because of problems in the network. The players said that they game was stucking a lot. Riot Games is already working to resolve the issues.

The ping didn’t go up, the FPS didn’t drop, but the game had some hiccups and some skills were invisible. Some time a champion appeared from nowhere. In the end, it was impossible, the game was stucking too much“, said Thulio “sirT” Carlos, jungler of paiN Gaming, “Riot made the right decision (about cancelling the game)“.

Gabriel “Revolta” Henud, jungler of CNB e-Sports also talked about the game that they were winning: “We were superior and we were able to impose our game. We showed our strategy and now we’ll need to use another one that we didn’t want. It’s frustating that because we had advantage in kill, farm, towers and gold, but this things happens. We have to learn to deal with it“.

The match between KaBuM e-Sports and Team United was also delayed because of this.

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