Alocs out of CNB.

AlocsLeonardo “Alocs” Belo just announced that he’s no more member of CNB e-Sports Club. Here um can read what he wrote on his Facebook page:

(…) Since Saturday, when I came back to SP, I wasn’t part of CNB anymore, this was a decision from the organization.

I don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do with my life, I’d love to keep playing and I’ll fight for it, from the bottom of my heart I still have the will to win, but the professional scene doesn’t have open space for me, I’m already analyzing some offers, I hope everything goes well, because some are teams (players and organizations) that I really admire and would love to play together.

I’ve been through a lot of good moments here at CNB, we build a lot of things together, I learned a lot, a lot really, about life, about the game, about everything… But things change and I don’t understand this, despite the problems that I’m facing to come back to competitive, my dream still motivates me a lot.

I’d like to wish good luck to CNB.
And a thanks to all my friends (that already knew) and some fans, that used some kind of dark magic and knew about it, for supporting me in this moment not so glorious.