brTT will be playing as a jungler for Keyd


Felipe “brTT” Gonçalves, ADC for Vivo Keyd Stars, will be playing as a jungler, at least during these last two weeks before their vacation. His substitute as a ADC will be Rafael “rafes” Peres, jungler of the team.

brTT said that, since when he was playing for paiN, he had the doubt about how well he could perform in other role. Keyd decided to give him a vote of confidence and allowed him to play as the jungler.

I respect a lot Sirt (jungler of paiN) and Revolta (ex-jungler of Keyd), for me, they’re the best junglers of Brazil and it’ll be fun start playing from 0 and try to reach as close to their level.“, he said on his fan page. “I’m 100% satisfied and confident as ADC, I want to make clear that this decision is just to clarify the doubt I have from long time ago and to feel peace with myself.”.