Meet CBLoL 2014

OBS: I’m using the same terminology that Riot Games uses for LCS.

The Brazilian Circuit (“Circuito Brasileiro” in portuguese) of League of Legends 2014, or CBLoL as we call it here, is using another format this year. The format isn’t new if you’re used to watch OGN.


The tournament will be divided in two stages: group stage and playoffs. The first one will have 5 weeks. Each match is made by 2 games (“best of two”). If the team win the 2 games, it’ll score 3 points; if each team win 1 game, they both will score 1 point. In the second stage, the top four teams will compete in the playoffs for the title, each match will be a best of five.

The Teams

The teams that are competing are: CNB e-Sports, Keyd Stars, paiN Gaming, KaBuM e-Sports, Team AWP and Team United.

CNB: Leko, Revolta, takeshi, manajj and Alocs.
KST: Mylon, Winged, SuNo, brTT and Loop.
paiN: Venon Lactea, SirT, Kami, owN and Minerva Olleh.
KBM: LEP, Danagorn, Tin0wns, dans and bit1 Espeon.
AWP: element, Turtle yeTz, SoulSilver, Digolera and Gigante.
UNT: w0lv, Jockster, Fire, mica0 and Eryon

Start of the Tournament

The tournament will start this weekend, April 26th and 27th, with the game between paiN vs CNB.