Regional Qualifiers

Regional CBLoL

This sunday (01/06) we had the Regional Qualifiers. Eight teams fought for four spots at the Brazilian Regional.

Six of the eight teams were qualified on Saturday, the other two were Out of Position (OP) and Team AWP (AWP), both eliminated from CBLoL. The teams were: Raise Your Limits (RYL), Sexy Sem Ser Vulgar (SSV), Kaov (KOV), DYNA5TY (DN5), Team 58ers (T58) and 7 Belo (7B).

The qualified teams join Keyd Stars, CNB e-Sports, paiN Gaming and KaBuM! e-Sports, all of them qualified at CBLoL, for a chance to win the Brazilian Regional. The Regional will start July 18th to 20th, in São Paulo, and will finish July 26th, in Rio de Janeiro. The winner will get a chance to play at International Wildcard, the tournament that give the new regions a spot at the World Championship.

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